This is our vision.

We are a team of exceptional and talented people from all over Europe, who create awesome digital products.

We believe in freedom. Freedom to move, act and work with no physical boundaries. The products we create, the projects we get involved with, are all reflections of the idea of freedom in the digital age.

We do not have a physical office. We don't like to shave. We all work from our homes. You are at the best place to meet all of us at once.


This is who we are.


This is what we do.

  • liberties.eu
  • http://www.thecommentator.com/


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See what's going on.

Our blog is the place where we share what is going on in our minds. What are we working on, where have we been, how we overcome some problems, things that keep our chatroom busy and stuff that makes us laugh. Make sure you visit back from time to time, you might as well come upon some awesome content. Visit the blog


Do you want to join?

As you know we do not have a physical office. We have a specific results oriented work culture that does not necessarily fit someone who wants to socialise around the photocopier. If you think that you share our mindset and have the skills we are looking for, one of our job openings might just be for you.

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